Our mission: Preparing YOU for the future
Do I have to come to your office?

We make meeting as easy and convenient as possible, because you have a busy life. You’re welcome to meet with us in our offices in Stamford, CT. We’ll also come to your home, office, or wherever it’s convenient for you. Our process also makes it easy to meet virtually, and we can connect with you via Skype, FaceTime, or Google Hangout.

Do I need a minimum amount to work with you?

You do not have to have a fortune to begin building one. There are no requirements as to your income or net worth. We stand with you for your financial independence.

Do you accept clients outside of CT?

Yes, our services have been designed specifically so clients can easily work with us from any location with an Internet connection. We regularly meet with clients on Skype, FaceTime, or Google Hangouts. They come in handy for those who do not live in our region but love what we offer.

Speaking of fees, how much are your services?

We have one simple fee structure based on a percentage of assets managed. It is billed quarterly or monthly, in arrears. Wealth management, and custody are included – you do pay trade commissions etc. We routinely help clients with financial planning and 401k allocations. Here is our fee schedule. Most advisors don’t offer this kind of upfront approach – heck, most advisors aren’t fee-only either.

What does fee-only mean?

NorthStar Portfolio Investments has been set up as a fee-only financial planning and wealth management firm, which means that our compensation comes directly from the clients we serve. We do not receive commissions or sell products; our costs are transparent, with no hidden charges or agendas. We seek to give you recommendations best for you, because we work for you, not mutual funds or broker dealers.

What does NPI bring that makes it right for me?

We are doers, we live & have lived in the Capital Markets, and we understand the connections, the actual nuts and bolts of how the market melds together, based on 15 years’ experience working for a Fortune 5 company, actual deal experience in buying and selling of portfolios, being part of an IPO, being a Treasurer of a Bank. No complicated models here, just basic, simple macro viewpoints, unlikely to be got from corporations or mutual fund companies. So if you are or have been a doer, you will get that NPI is right for you.
Oh by the way, we are completely independent and are set up to avoid any conflict of interest.

What is the cost for the initial meeting?

The first meeting is absolutely free, and serves purely as time to get to know one another and see if we can add value to what you are up to in your life. We’ll discuss your current financial situation, your future goals, to ensure we get a broad overview of your unique requirements. We will also talk you through our client-focused approach, and provide a list of our current fees. We’re fee-only planners, so our costs are fully transparent, with no hidden charges or agendas.

What is the process to get started?

4 simple steps

  • 1. Read all about our services, and then get in touch to schedule your free introductory meeting.
  • 2. In the meeting we evaluate your situation, analyzing your current investments and financial situation.
  • 3. We share our findings. If you decide we can support you, accounts are opened in your name at Interactive Brokers (IB), a world-class third party custodian. Fund with cash or transfer securities.
  • 4. We implement your new strategy. We’ll also monitor and rebalance, and work hard to minimize your tax bill. We will communicate with you in a number of ways at the frequency you desire.
What is your investment philosophy?

We believe in basic, solid, simple Macro viewpoints… explained not in thick fancy English but in a few lines of an email or blog, combined with perhaps a graph or two.

We seek to “spend time in the markets”, then timing the markets, looking for global opportunities.

Every client is different, but we believe in creating an agile investment portfolio, with a process that takes full advantage of economic opportunities.

Who is NOT a good fit for NorthStar Portfolio Investments?

We stand for your financial independence, our services focus on the big-picture; the investments we recommend for your portfolio are designed to meet your unique needs. Long-term success is the goal, so people looking for investing hot money or trading on tips etc. will not find us to be a good fit.

Who is your typical client?

Our typical clients are young families, female investors, professionals, and entrepreneurs, looking for a conflict free, transparent, powerful approach to financial independence. We love what we do and make possible, it’s what gets us out of bed in the morning so we have no requirements as to your income or net worth; we simply require you to have a willingness to transform one’s financials.


The firm is named after my son; it’s a translation of his Sanskrit name to English. At the same time it stands for the values, which make the NorthStar unique (it’s the only star which shows the true north to travelers and so helps them navigate to the destination they are going)


Even great golfers have caddies. The world champions have teams behind them pulling for their success, so why shouldn’t you. You deserve it. We seek to be your sounding board, your investment committee, and your ‘people’, who have your ‘back’ when you are playing the game of life, pulling for you to be powerful and extraordinary in other areas of your life.

Why don’t you have any designations like CFA, CPA etc.?

If only it was that simple, (one gets a designation, one becomes an expert in Capital Markets). Capital markets don’t care about titles and designations, they seek to humble everyone, so we seek to follow and understand basics (e.g. yield curves, regulatory policies, potential election impacts) than from added designations to guide us in the markets

Existing clients referred many of our wonderful new clients to us. The greatest compliment we can receive from a client is for them to tell their friends and family about us. So we wanted to make available a program that allows us to say thank you to you for referring new clients to us and combine it with our passion for educating the young minds of tomorrow.

Every time someone that you refer to us signs up for our portfolio management service, we will send you a $200 gift card to DonorsChoose.org. All they have to do is mention that you sent them our way!
How Do I Use The Gift Card ?