Financial Independence.

Financial Independence…
Simplified… for YOU, by US

NorthStar Portfolio Investments LLC (NPI) is here to help you build your future with comprehensive financial planning services! We will give you a FULL portfolio analysis to let you take a step in the right direction right from the get-go. NPI can then provide you with an investment portfolio analysis on a discretionary and non-discretionary basis for individuals, families, foundations and small businesses. And best of all, you don’t need a fortune to start building one and that’s what makes us different. We have your best interest in mind and want to see you succeed!

NPI is long-term oriented, which means we focus on the big picture and the investments we recommend for your portfolio are solely based are your individual needs. Plus, unlike other wealth management advisors, we offer fee-only financial planning, which means we do not get commissions or sell products for our own benefit – our costs are transparent and we work for you – not for broker dealers or mutual funds.

Are you ready to take the next step into financial independence with a full portfolio analysis? Let’s talk about your financial future today! Contact NorthStar Portfolio Investments by calling (203)343-0880 and we can go over information for an investment portfolio analysis and how you can start building a stronger financial future.

  • Complimentary Current Portfolio Fee Analysis
  • Complimentary Match Up of Personal Risk Profile vs. Portfolio Risk
  • Complimentary Software to Organize Complete Financial Picture
  • Surprisingly low fees
  • No Account Minimums
  • Concierge Service for Completing Documentation
  • Peace of Mind… we have your interest and ours aligned

Sometimes all you need is a
Kick Start or Second Opinion

Imagine what would happen if you could follow thru on all your positive thoughts… Now you can. This fast and easy service makes it possible to kick-start your journey to financial independence or turbo charge it by getting a second opinion.

We listen, ask questions (maybe even a few sensitive ones) and give you actionable recommendations in a clear, easy to follow format.

  • Complimentary kick-off consultation to discuss your current financial situation and how we can add value
  • 60-90 minute in-depth discussion on 2-3 financial topics of your choice (basic asset allocation, 401K strategies etc.)
  • Tailored advice on selected topics addressing areas of potential blind spots impacting your financial situation right away
Face to face or online recomendation session

  • The trinity of financial freedom – savings, compounding power and a diversified portfolio – we put it to work for YOU
  • Our approach is to get “time in the market” (vs. timing the market) combined with our in-house macro-themes based fundamental research, to give you a customized portfolio
  • We are fiercely independent, fiduciaries to you striving to provide industry leading client service with the highest ethical standards. Our costs are transparent
  • We review your goals, risk tolerance, time horizon, tax considerations, income needs, and any unique aspects you may have (trusts, endowments etc.) and come up with the investment plan
  • We seek to empower and educate our client partners on our strategies, having open dialogues on market views and portfolio decisions as per the frequency determined by the clients
Simple, low fees with no minimum balance required
1.25% for first $1MM, 0.95% for balances above the first $1MM


  • 1
    Schedule consultation

    Read all about our services, and then get in touch to schedule your free introductory meeting.

  • 2
    Discuss goals & objectives

    In the meeting we evaluate your situation, analyzing your current investments and financial situation.

  • 3
    Transfer accounts

    We share our findings. If you decide we can help you, accounts are opened in your name at Interactive Brokers (IB), a world-class third party custodian. Fund with cash or transfer securities.

  • 4
    Relax, ongoing Monitoring

    We implement your new strategy. We’ll also monitor and rebalance, and work hard to minimize your tax bill. We will communicate with you in a number of ways at the frequency you desire.

What if you had a time machine
to undo one past financial decision

What would it make possible for you now? We seek to be your sounding board, your strategic counsel, and your caddy looking in to as you “play” the game of life, to offer our refreshing conflict free advice and planning services. Put simply, in your well-being…. lies our well-being.

A comprehensive financial plan serves as a road map for your financial independence. There is a great deal of substance to a plan like this so we will break it down into manageable pieces; starting with the most impactful ones.

  • Complimentary kick-off consultation to discuss your current financial situation and how we can add value
  • In-depth discussion about your goals, risk tolerance, time horizon, tax considerations, income needs, other unique needs
  • Access to your personal financial planning website, which will help you understand your current financial picture, prioritize your goals and provide action items to improve your finances
  • Meet regularly to review progress and assess need for changes to your plan (and provide support outside of scheduled meetings if something in life changes that would affect your plan)
All Inclusive 360-degree approach to your financial independence